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Hands Holding Plant

Sculpture and Furniture


I have been building some furniture and sculptures with rusty metal which required me to learn how to weld.  My welding may not be very structurally strong...I wouldn't build bridges with my $99 Harbor Freight welder, but having fun. This bench is from a piece of oak from the property of a friend of the family.  He milled some pieces of it but they warped while drying.  Everything I do is rather uneven and organic, so that worked just fine.

The wooden table top actually came from a "spring box" and was burned in one of the many horrific fires we've been having in California.  As the wood was submerged in the spring, only the top burned.

The sculptures are made from found rusty metal.  For some reason folks usually think the first one is a spider.  To that I say "count the legs."