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Group Therapy

Therapy Group in San Francisco 
For the past 20+ years, I have been co-leading psychotherapy groups in San Francisco with my colleague, psychologist Mary Jean Paris.  These groups focus on improving interpersonal and relatioship skills.  The real power of group therapy lies in the ability of members to receive real-time, honest yet supportive feedback from other group members.  Feedback is different from the type of advice you might get from friends or in support groups, in that we encourage (even insist!) that members really tell one another how they experience each other--what are things they do or say that make others trust them, be drawn to them, care for them, and conversely what do they do (often unwittingly) that turn them off in some way, that make others keep their distance.  Over time the group becomes a laboratory of sorts, a social microcosm, where members can experiment with different ways to relate to others....it's an iterative process of communicating and behaving, receiving helpful feedback, and then trying out new behaviors.  With determination, support, prodding. and a bit of courage, group members usually find more effective ways of connecting with others in the group, and then are able to take these changes out into their relationships in the "real world." 

Some prior or concurrent individual therapy is generally required for members to enter the group.  Often members who have been in individual therapy for years find that the group is a powerful way to speed up making the types of changes they desire. One fear that folks often have is that they will be in a group of "wierdos" or "misfits."  This is an understandable but unfounded fear, and we carefully screen prospective members in an in-person consultation to make sure that the group is a good fit for them--and that they will be a good fit for the group.  If it does appear to be a good match, then we also use this session to give a realistic picture of how the group works, and how they can most effectively utilize the group to reach their goals.  Our groups are coed, and generally comprised of bright, talented, and creative professionals who are looking to improve their work, social and intimate relationship and achieve a more satisfying life.  The maximum size is nine members and two leaders.

Currently, we are co-leading a group on Wednesday night, from 6-7:30.  The fee is $60 per session.  For more information, please contact me via email or call me at (415) 956-2226.