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About Me

 I have been practicing as a licensed psychologist in San Francisco since 1989. Now one could make a joke about the "practicing" part--but I think it's an apt term here. In my mind,psychotherapy is much more of an art than it is a science, and a therapist is not a medical provider, nor a healer, but first and foremost a human being who engages in conversations with other human beings, in an attempt to make their lives better.

I could tell you all about where I went to school, and who I have trained with, and all sort of things. If you want to know, of course I am happy to share this with you. Those may inform you somewhat, but will tell you very little about how I actually work, or what it's like to sit in the room with me. For that, I encourage you to call me; from that you'll get a better sense of whether you want to make the next step and set up an appointment.

In addition to my psychotherapy practice, I run www.Psychotherapy.net, an online magazine and video production company for psychotherapists. I like using different parts of my brain, and the challenges and creativity necessary to run a small business helps keep me engaged in the world. This helps me be more energized and focused when I am with my clients. You can also read interviews of me in Contemporary PsychotherapyEurope's Journal of Psychology, and OnlineCounselingPrograms.com. I have also written a few blogs for Psychotherapy.net and Psychology Today. Finally, I have led consultation groups for early career therapists, as well as workshops for therapists in Mexico and China.

Note: I am no longer maintaining an office in San Francisco, but I do see clients in Mill Valley.